Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank You

After much thought and prayer I have decided that it will be best for me at this time to stop taking customer orders. I am very sad about this decision but my time has been so limited that I can not keep up with the amount of orders that you all are sending my way:) I appreciate each of you that have so graciously given me business over the last several years. I truly have enjoyed sewing but my family needs to come first and that has been hard when I am sewing all night and on the weekends. If anything changes on my end I will be sure to let all of you know. Thank you again and if I can help you in anyway, please feel free to email me.


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Katie said...

Hey Stacey,
I was always impressed with your work, and wondered where you found time to do it all! I had 2 embroidery machines last year and sold them both after realizing how time consuming it all was! I know your family will love having more Mommy time with you ;)